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53. Patricia and Treor   (27.02.2018 10:14) E-mail
Hello Svetlana, I hope all is well with you and your family. It took us a while to get our photos sorted as our camera was new and we had no learn a few things about it. We have at least managed to get prints of the promised photos, please circulate these. I hope business is brisk and many visitors are getting the opportunity to see all that wonderful scenery of the flora and fauna. Regards, Patricia and Treor. 11 July, 2011.

52. Joanna and John   (27.02.2018 10:14) E-mail
Dear Svetlana. I hope all's well with you. Rather late, I just wanted to say thank you so much for a great tour in Aksu Zhabagly and surrounding area, and your incredibly knowledgeable guiding. It makes travelling so much more interesting to be with someone who knows about the place, and the days we spent with you really were a highlight of our visit to Kazakhstan. I'll certainly recommend contacting you to anyone interested and I've already told my daughter. She should go on a horse trek one day. I hope your car got repaired in time for you to go searching for birds with the Russians and they found what they were looking for. All the best. Joanna and John. June, 2017.

51. Pieter and Elly   (27.02.2018 10:13) E-mail
Dear Mrs. Baskakova, we visited your beautiful country in September 2010. After a very nice walk with you, we were invited to the home of a very friendly family. Could you please pass them our big thanks for their hospitality. Thank you very much for your cooperation. Kind regards, Pieter and Elly from the Netherlands.

50. Dorotty and Deborah   (27.02.2018 10:12) E-mail
Svetlana, we had a wonderfull time. Thank you again and best of luck with your work. Dorotty and Deborah. June 2017.

49. Beck & Mark   (04.03.2017 15:50) E-mail
Hi Svetlana,
I hope you are well. Thanks again for a wonderful trip!
You might like to read my write-up of the apple parts of the trip:
Please feel free to comment - and let me know if I have made any mistakes!
Thanks again, Beck & Mark from Australia
03 May 2016

48. Emily and Charles   (04.03.2017 15:49) E-mail
Thank you for being a wonderful guide.
With best wishes,
Emily and Charles, Great Britain, September 2012

47. Sarah Wilson and Lauren Ellery   (04.03.2017 15:49) E-mail
Thanks so much Svetlana!  That is so helpful - we really appreciate you taking all of our requests into consideration. Sarah Wilson and Lauren Ellery. Great Britain, 4 October 2016

46. Jules   (04.03.2017 10:58) E-mail
Dear Svetlana,
again, thank you very much for your expertise and guiding us! Herman and I look back on a very pleasant and interesting experience. Herman immensely enjoyed Vladimir. Do not hesitate to contact me when you are visiting W.Europe.
Fedor, my compliments for the photographs!
I envy you and your family ;-)
Again very best wishes to you all, for the ongoing research on Felis species as well.
To conclude, very best wishes for the New Year for you and your family.

Jules from Netherlands,
27 September 2016

45. Tapio Ykspetaja   (04.03.2017 10:54) E-mail
Dear Sveta!

Thank you for those lovely days in Kazahkstan! :-) 

Tapio Ykspetaja, Finland, 23 September 2016

44. Berenger & Dorothee   (04.03.2017 10:53) E-mail
Thanks for the tea, the food and everything. Thanks again.
Berenger & Dorothee, France, 16.07.2014

43. Kris Smathers   (04.03.2017 10:47) E-mail
Dear Svetlana,

Thank you for your kind and thoughtful guiding and providing opportunities to see more of Kazakhstan. 
Wishing you and your family all the best,
Kris Smathers, North Carolina
12 May 2014

42. Elizabeth   (04.03.2017 10:45) E-mail
Dear Svetlana

Thank you so much for a lovely day yesterday. I really enjoyed myself not only seeing sites but also getting so much more perspective and knowledge of life here in Kasachstan. I really liked the camp at Berkara and hope your son and possibly also you future English teacher daughter will enjoy themselves there this summer.

41. Elizabeth   (04.03.2017 10:45) E-mail
Last night I walked through Taraz and took some lovely photos of the city and of a bunch of school kids who were celebrating their last day at school. Perhaps before I leave today I will go up to the square and take some more, just to have some of this town. 
You also have my address in Berlin, if your roads ever cross that city, you or any of your family would always be welcome. Thank you and a favour.

Take good care of yourself and thanks again for a lovely day. I still hold it in a wonderful memory and often think of my so good time I had in Kasachstan. 

Much love
Elizabeth, Berlin, 24 May 2013

40. Сапура Жамешова   (04.03.2017 10:37) E-mail
Здравствуйте, Светлана!
Я хорошо доехала до дома. Сейчас уже в обычных буднях, как будто я не ездила в горы :). 
Нам очень понравилось, мы провели чудесное время - спасибо вам. Да, сегодня Пол писал - что в горах уже снег лежит. Так что, действительно нам повезло. Спасибо за картинки. Буду всегда рада вам. Удачи вам!

С уважением, 
Сапура Жамешова. 28 октября 2013 г.

39. Anne and Matt   (04.03.2017 10:34) E-mail
Dear Svetlana and family,
Thank you so much for some wonderful days in your place. It’s been a fantastic ending of our Kazakhstan adventure. Take care! Anne and Matt from Denmark, 2011

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